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Message from Ron Sauer
re: Prepare/Enrich
Dear Pastor/Ministry Leader:
Lifelong Marriage would like to invite you to consider hosting a Prepare and Enrich Seminar.  Last fall, Norm Thiessen from Western Seminary came and put on a one day Prepare and Enrich Seminar.  Norm was insightful, effective and funny as he presented some amazing materials that help prepare, sustain and prosper marriages.  At the end of the day each of the 35 participants became certified in using the Prepare and Enrich materials.  Our vision at Lifelong Marriage is to help provide opportunities and materials that will help facilitate building strong and healthy marriages.  A Prepare and Enrich Seminar certainly qualifies as a fantastic tool in this regard.

For further information, and to understand the program, you can visit the Prepare and Enrich at
If your Church or Community Group would like to host Norm coming he is very willing to come.  The cost is $175 per person and the spouse can come for free.  The seminar goes one day for 7 hours including the time for lunch.  If you would like to host an event you would need to commit to the following…
1)      Secure a location for the event.
2)      Provide a meal for the participants.
3)      Be responsible for getting a minimum of 10 paying people to attend the event.

Ron Sauer
Lifelong Marriage Board Member
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If you are interested in hosting a Prepare Enrich seminar, please contact me: or call 541 520-4692.