List of Counselors

How to Find a Good Marriage Counselor

We have all heard horror stories about counselors who made a situation worse or seemed to waste everybody’s time. There definitely are good therapists and bad therapists. There are therapists that are good in some areas, but not good with couples. There are also good marriage counselors who might not be good for you or your marriage.  Finding a good marriage counselor is crucial to saving your marriage. You don’t want to waste time with a good person who might be a bad fit for your marriage. Here are ten aspects to finding the best counselor for you.
  1.  Ask others: A personal recommendation from your pastor, a friend or someone who has had success from a marriage counselor is a great way to start. Word-of-mouth referrals are best.
  2. Check them out on the web: It’s amazing what you might find out about who a counselor is, specialties they have, accomplishments they have or even problems they’ve encountered. One click can give you a lot of information.
  3. Interview them: Find out about: education, degrees, training, specialty areas and experience. They need to be competent in marriage and couple therapy. A good individual counselor doesn’t necessarily make a good couple counselor.
  4. Discuss philosophy: Are they committed to trying to save marriages? What are their feelings about divorce and when it is an option? Are they encouraging and optimistic in finding creative ways to restructure your marriage?
  5. Get personal: Explore how long they have been married and how long they have been working with couples. Ask about their faith and how it might influence their counseling.
  6. Explore their approach: Look for a counselor who listens, but is not passive; one who understands your past, but focuses on your future; one who is honest about your problems, but determined to find a solution.
  7. Try them out: Go to the first session and gather information. Find out if it’s a good fit. Yet the important issue isn’t whether they agree with you, but if they can help you.
  8. Trust your intuition: You need a therapist who you feel is competent and who you believe you can trust. You should feel comfortable and respected by whoever you see.
  9. Let them challenge you: A good counselor will help you understand better yourself, your spouse and your marriage. They will also stretch you. It will involve hard work and assignments. But hang in there.
  10. Be open to change: You are in your current situation because what you are doing isn’t working. You both need to try something different. Don’t just expect your partner to change, you change too.
Most marriages can survive the toughest times as long as both of you are willing to try. A good marriage counselor will help you navigate the challenges, frustrations, hurts, unfairness and confusions of marriage. If one of the two of you thinks you need marriage counseling, then you need counseling. Don’t resist or postpone finding a counselor. Remember, there are no perfect counselors. Yet there are many good ones. Do your research and make an appointment. Jump into the process and learn how to fall back in love again. You can do it, but we all need a little help to make it all it can be. You can do it!

Dr. Steve Stephens
Every Marriage Matters
Copyright 2009

You asked for it....
Lifelong Marriage asked 40 pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses this question: 
"What is the greatest need in your church/ministry regarding marriage?"
The number one response was a request for a current list of Christian-centered counselors.

Here is the beginning list of counselors who were recommended to us. 
Lifelong marriage is not personally endorsing these counselors, but simply sharing with you
those who have been recommended to us so far. 

It is outside the scope of our competency and expertise to recommend a particular counselor.
This information does not constitute a recommendation of counselors or their methodologies. 

All the posted counselors have signed and agreed with the following document:
Questionnaire for Christian Counselors
I believe the Bible is the divinely inspired and inerrant Word of God.
I believe the Bible is the final authority in matters of faith and life and is foundational for healthy and lasting marriages.
When it comes to spiritual direction and correction, I believe godly counselors have a role, but the primary responsibility is to the Church.

God is one. Yet, God is triune: God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I believe that marriage is the first institution created by God and it is designed to be a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman.
I believe that God-given abilities and opportunities to hone my skills have equipped me to be effective, as a counselor, in helping people find answers and freedom in their lives.
I believe that God gave everyone self-will despite potential negative outcomes. He does not violate anyone’s right to make choices.  As a counselor, neither will I violate that right.                


Counselors' Professional Information

Name: Bruce E Andrew, PhD
Office Address:
 Offices in Eugene and Harrisburg, OR
541 852-7451 cell. 541 995-5018 Home
Educational Background:
Undergraduate from Portland State Univ. General Studies Humanities
Masters: Cornerstone University, St. Charles La. Clinical Christian Counseling
PhD: Cornerstone University, St. Charles La. Clinical Christian Counseling, minor in Education

Affiliation: Board certified as a Clinical Christian Counselor by the National Christian Counselors Association.
Founder of His Heart Ministries, 501c3 tax exempt

Area of Expertise:  Crisis and Abuse Therapy, Child and Adolescent Therapy, Substance Abuse and
Addiction Therapy, and Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy.

Type of approach: Temperament, Cognitive and Logo Therapy

Year started counseling: (prior to professional training: 1970)
I opened a pastoral counseling ministry in 2013.
Credentialed in June, 2015



Name: Ken Himes, D.Min.

Office Address: 685 NW 5th street suite A, Corvallis, OR 97330

Phone: 541 757-1761



Educational Background:
Doctor of Ministry in Marriage and Family Ministry, Biola University, 1990
Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies, Fuller Seminary, 1972
Bachelor of Arts (Honors College) in Psychology, University of Oregon, 1969
Graduate course in Pre-marital and Marital Counseling, Talbot Seminary, 1974
Institute of Biblical Counseling, Counseling Adolescents Seminar, 1988
Institute of Biblical Counseling Sexual Abuse Seminar, 1992
PREPARE/ENRICH Training Program, 1995, 1999
PREP Training Course, 1996, 2010
Advanced Workshop in Solution-Based Marital Therapy, 2000
Advanced Divorce Busting, 2000; Advanced Divorce Busting Intensive, 2012
Smart Marriages Conference, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010
Gottman Level 1 training, 2014.
I am a charter member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.
I am certified as a Pastoral Counselor by the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors, BCPPC #0106.

Area of Expertise:  Relationships are my key area: premarital, marital, parent/child, adult siblings, etc. I don’t work much with individuals and individual disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc, although I have done so and continue to do so.

Type of approach:
 Our counseling relationship will move through several stages.
 Getting acquainted and gaining an understanding of the concerns that brought you here.
 Setting goals and making plans to reach those goals.
 Supporting you and helping you work your plan.
 Evaluating our progress toward your goals.
 Deciding together when it’s time to conclude our counseling relationship.

Year started counseling: Some early work as a new pastor, starting in 1972. More seriously in the 1980 and up to the current time.

Extra Professional Information
Prior to starting Friends of the Family in 1994, I served as Associate Pastor of Family Ministry for over 17 years at Northwest Hills Community Church in Corvallis. I have counseled people regarding marriage, parenting, anger, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, relational difficulties, and problems with spiritual development. I have taught classes on preparing for marriage, marriage, parenting young children, parenting teenagers, midlife issues, caring for aging parents, and life transitions. My training and experience have prepared me to enter compassionately into the real-life pain of people, and to help them discover solutions for their situations.

Name: Linda Keepers

Office Address: 678 Country Club Rd, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541 349-7557

Email: none

Website: none

Educational Background: Bachelor's degree from U of O and MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwest College.  Has a CADCI in drug and alcohol counseling.
Area of Expertise: addictions, domestic violence, depression, individual and marriage counseling, & play therapy
Type of approach: Client centered.  Skill building, incorporating faith and Bible truths and theraputic approaches such as Cognitive - Behavioral therapy.  
Year started counseling: 1994


Name: Kevin Lemieux, LPC

Office Address: 678 Country Club Rd, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541 687-9674



Educational Background: B.A. Psychology, University of Oregon, 2002.  
M.A. Counseling, George Fox University, 2006.
Licensed in 2010
Participate in multiple continuing education trainings each year.

Area of Expertise: Bi-polar Disorder, Trauma/anxiety disorders/depression.  Emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
Career/Life skills.  Marriage/Family Counseling and Individual counseling.  
Type of approach: Primary theoretic foundation is client-centered counseling.  Work often in C.B.T with trauma, abuse & anxiety.
Year started counseling: 2006


Name: Sara Joy Massey, MA
Office Address: 685 NW 5th St suite A, Corvallis, OR 97330
                        645 Waverly Dr SE Suite 211, Albany, OR 97322

Phone:  541 757-1761



Educational Background:
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling:
2013 Multnomah University, Portland, OR

Bachelors of Psychology:
2010 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Related Internship, Volunteer and Work Experience:
2015 - present: Mental Health Therapist
Friends of the Family Ministries, Corvallis and Albany, OR

2013-2014: Mental Health Therapist
Working with children, adolescents and adults
Western Psychological and Counseling Servi
ces, Portland, OR

2012 - 2013:Counseling Intern
Working with individuals, families and couples
Mother and Child Education Center, Portland, OR

I am currently obtaining my hours to become a fully Licensed Professional Counselor.  As such I am under supervision by a licensed professional counselor, Kiri Horsey, MS, NCC, LPC, until said license is obtained.  As an Intern registered with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, I subscribe to the Oregon code of Ethics as outlined in ORS 833-60-001.  I welcome any questions about supervision.  

Area of Expertise:
My area of expertise is individual counseling for children through adults.  I work with many teens and college age girls.

Type of Approach:
I use an integrative approach that emphasizes cognitive behavioral and person-centered theories of counseling.  This means that therapeutic treatment procedures may include:  discussing past experiences and how they may have an impact on you today; helping you gain insight or reframe the way you view past experiences; identifying and changing ways of thinking you may have that are problematic for you; psycho-educational information, homework, role playing, writing assignments, setting boundaries, assertiveness training, and learning to use positive self-talk.  

During the course of treatment other recommendations may be suggested, such as participating in group therapy, a support group, or discussing medication with your medical doctor or medication provider.  If this should occur, I will assist you as best as I am able to facilitate such recommendations.  As a Christian, I adhere to the belief in the important relationship with God, therefore, if requested by the client, I will incorporate prayer into counseling sessions.

Year started counseling: I began counseling after graduating with my Master's in July 2013.

Name: Drew Pape,  MBA, MA, LPC, NCC

Office Address:
685 NW 5th street suite A, Corvallis, OR and
645 Waverly Dr. SE Suite 211, Albany, OR

Phone: 541 757-1761



Philosophy and Approach:
I utilize an affirming person centered approach to counseling. I believe trust is essential in counseling and develops over time through the counselor-client relationship. The counselor facilitates this trusting relationship by listening, being authentic, non-judgmental, affirming, and empathetic. The therapeutic relationship involves a sharing of the client’s life experiences, emotions, fears and anxieties, as well as an exploration of past and present as it relates to the client’s current issues. The counselor’s role is to help the client problem solve, recognize options, utilize resources, define achievable and actionable goals, develop healthier relationships, and encourage the client to build on their talents and strengths. I hope to serve you as a counselor with kindness, respect, honesty, and professionalism. I will do my best to hear you, challenge you when appropriate, support you as you grow, and help you as you work toward change. As a Christian, I believe in the importance of a relationship with God, therefore, if requested by the client I will incorporate prayer into counseling sessions.

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling:
2007 Northwest Christian University; Eugene OR

Master of Business Administration:
1999 Oregon State University; Corvallis, OR

Related Internship, Volunteer and Work Experience:
2008 – Present: Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor
Friends of the Family Ministries, Corvallis and Albany, OR

2007 - 2009: Child Adolescent and Adult Treatment Specialist
Young Adult Program and Children’s Farm Home
Trillium Family Services, Corvallis, OR

2007-2009: Psychiatric Ward Volunteer
Good Samaritan Hospital, Corvallis, OR

2006 - 2007: Practicum Counselor
NWCC Clinic, Eugene, OR

2006 - 2007: Intern Counselor with Diverse Adults, and Youth at Risk
Center for Family Development, Eugene, OR

Area of Expertise:
I counsel couples and individual adults eighteen years old and up.  Occasionally I counsel entire families (with adult children).
I enjoy working with married couples who are committed to building a healthier marriage relationship.  
If the couples are committed to each other and the counseling process I'm open to work with them overcome any issues they may be dealing with.
I do pre-marital counseling.
I also work with individual adults (male or female eighteen years old and up) dealing with stress, depression, trauma, anxiety, addictions, childhood issues, relationship issues, vocation issues, health issues, etc.
I also volunteer with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) by facilitating family support groups in Corvallis; helping family members deal with a loved one who is struggling with mental health issues.

Year Started Counseling:  2008


Name: Carol Rexius

Office Address: 921 Country Club Rd, suite 222, Eugene, OR 97401
541 349-7552



Educational Background: B.S. University of Oregon, College of Business Adminstration, 1980
M.A. Northwest Christian College, Marriage & Family Therapy, 2000

Area of Expertise: Ages 12 to 100 years old.  Individuals, couples and families.
Depression and anxiety, adolescence, abuse, grief, self-esteem issues, anger, blended families, premarital and personal growth.
Type of approach:
System's Theory - which incorporates the whole family as an assortment of interrelated individuals who have many personal and emotional attachments amongst its members.  Working on developing stronger, healthier and more satisfying relationshops within the family system can enhance the development of a more positive personal identity.

Year started counseling: 2000


Name: Carolyn Rexius LCSW

Office Address: 921 Country Club Rd, suite 222
541 349-7550



Educational Background: Social Work degree
Area of Expertise: Clinical Social Worker
Type of approach: Relational counseling
Year started counseling: 1990



Name: Marlin Schultz, D. Min., LMFT

Office Address: 1627 Oak Street, Eugene, OR 97401-4022
Phone: 541-343-9190


Website: none

Educational Background: Doctor of Ministry in Marriage and Family Counseling, Fuller Theological Seminary

Area of Expertise: Couples/Marriage Counseling, Individuals (depression, anxiwty, grief)
Type of approach: I base my work on biblical principles, but since I work with Christians and non-Christians, I bring up issues of faith as clients are open and desire to do so.  I also take a behavioral-cognitive systems approach to therapy,which means that I view and work with individuals and couples as part of a social network, and with their beliefs/values and actions.
Year started counseling: 1972


 Name:  Scott Smith LPC

Office Address: 290 E. 17th St., Eugene, OR 97401
541 223-1229


Website: Profile is on posted on Psychology Today

Educational Background: Undergraduate at University of Oregon with a B.A in Psychology;
Graduate school at Northwest Christian University with an M.A. in Professional Counseling.
Area of Expertise:
Mood disorders (anxiety and depression); post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adults; family counseling and parenting; couples and marriage counseling; Domestic violence.
Type of approach:
Eclectic.  I gear my approach to the clients whom I am working with. Prefer faith-based approach when appropriate for the client.
Year started counseling
: Began my internship with Jasper Mountain Center in 2006. Worked with Christians as Family Advocates from 2008-2010.  Began private practice in 2010 and am currently also still practicing with Jasper Mountain Center.

 Name:  LuAnn K. Wu LPC LLC

Office Address: 433 W. 10th Ave. Ste 102, Eugene, OR 97401


Website: none

Educational Background: Master of Arts, Professional Counseling; Northwest Christian University, Eugene, OR - Graduated Magna Cum Laude; 2007
Counseling Intern; Department of Veteran Affairs - Outpatient Clinic; Eugene, OR; 2006-2007
  • Counseled veterans and their family members
  • Developed and facilitated ongoing support group for female veterans
  • Completed mental health assessment and treatment planning on all cases
Trained in Prepare/Enrich, Somatic Experiencing, Emotion Focused Therapy, Marriage Team Coaching, and Mindful Self-Compassion.
Bachelor of Science, Psychology; University of Oregon, Eugene, OR - Dean's List 2004
Completed two years of Nursing School; Seattle Pacific University, Seattle WA; 1982-1984
Completed two years of Pre-Nursing School; University of Washington, Seattle, WA; 1979-1981

Area of Expertise: Caseload includes: veterans, couples, adult individuals and adolescents.  Issues include: PTSD, childhood sexual abuse, military sexual trauma, eating disorders, and gender dysphoria.
Community Involvement:
  • Marriage Team Coaching; Marriage ministry with my husband; 2015
  • University Fellowship Church; Integrally involved with church establishment and growth; trained staff on grief management; co-hosting sermon-based Bible study; mentoring young mothers and college students; Eugene, OR; 2008 to present
  • Board of Directors Member; Dove Medical, Pregnancy Support Clinic; Facilitated team building exercises and administered Myers Briggs Type Indicator for all members; Eugene, OR; 2007 to present.
  • Low-Cost Counseling; Approximately 25% of my current clientele are seen at reduced rates; Eugene, OR; 2007 to present
  • Pro-Bono Counseling; First Baptist Church; Eugene, OR; 2007-2008
Rex Turner, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Department of Veteran Affairs; Eugene Based Outpatient Clinic, 211 E. 7th Ave. Eugene, OR. 97401, (541)242-0440
Paula Belcher, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist; 975 Willagillespie Rd. Ste. 300, Eugene, OR. 97401, (541)729-3503
Brett Gilchrist; Senior Pastor; University Fellowship Church, 25 W 25th, Eugene, OR. 97401, (541)255-1413

Year started counseling: 2007