An Awesome and Challenging Adventure

But many couples consider just two options…
his way…or her way…

Now there is
The Third Option.


Learn new ways to build the kind of marriage you always wanted to have.


Many of us manage marriage as a series of choices between his desires and her desires, between “peace at any price” and “letting it all hang out.” Because they tend to move us to extremes, these options don’t bring us together. And with a crisis, we often think we only have two options – to stay and be miserable, or divorce.  But, with The Third Option, there is HOPE for reconciliation. We can learn how to break through the clutter of past baggage and misunderstandings and build an effective, loving relationship. The Third Option is a skills-based group program that helps participants build stronger, more fulfilling marriages. Each 14-session cycle covers a comprehensive set of tools that couples can use to develop better understanding, sensitivity and trust while learning more effective speaking and listening skills.


The skills we develop in The Third Option are helpful for any marriage, and couples attending our program range from those on the brink of divorce to those yearning to make a good marriage even better, for the Third Option. Many couples assume that their marriage is strong and effective, and don’t invest the time to enure that it grow better over time.  Then all it takes is a new stress – problems with the kids, parents or health – and even the best marriage becomes frayed or unraveled. Developing the right skills and sensitifvity is the best way to ensure that a good marriage grows even better.



No.  If your spouse is not ready to make a commitment to attending The Third Option, you are welcome to attend alone.  By yourself, you can learn more effective wqys to handle conflict and cummunicate with your spouse.  Often the reluctant spouse will start attending when they see the impact the program is having on his or her partner.